Of Christmas Trees & God’s Love

It is Christmastime. I love this time of year. Nicole and the kiddos and I always go and lumberjack our Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving. We’ve gone to the same tree farm since moving to Washington in 2007 and we love it. They have hot coco, little goats to feed, a reindeer, a Santa Claus who tells Josiah that his name means “fire of the Lord” every year. They also have Christmas trees.

Most years we walk through the mud, and one year it was snowing as we hunted down noble Douglas Fir, it was grand. Getting four people to agree on which one of these woody perennial plants we should bring into our home for a month sometimes takes time, but every year we manage to find the perfect tree.

And you know what makes it the perfect tree? It’s not the height, the fullness, the symmetry, or even that we know that the big hole will be able to be hidden against the wall when we get it home. It is the perfect tree because we chose it.

And that’s how we are to God. We matter to Him because He chose us. We don’t have to put on a show or have the perfect life. God loves us. He chose us. It is God choosing us that provides meaning in our lives.

This season I hope that amidst the busyness you find time to slow down, listen to who God says you are, and thank Him for all that He has done.